Focus areas

Jan De Wever Associates (JDWA) is specialised in the realization of cross continent Europe-India trade and investment opportunities. We are currently focused on the following areas:

Consumer Goods

India’s perfect blend of huge consumer market, still low urbanization rates, excellent demographics and pro-growth policies will lead to bankable steady consumer demand for every type of product or service that you can think of. Whether your company sells services, durables or consumables you need to start thinking about selling it in India.


The Indian government has set a target of increasing the contribution of manufacturing output to GDP to 25% by 2025. That’s massive and it is getting real-time traction looking at Foreign Direct Investment flows. If you are selling products, equipment or services to manufacturing companies you need to be in India. If you are looking to produce low-cost – high-quality look no further.

Knowledge Services

Any work performed by using a computer or a telephone can be offshored to India and consitutes a major opportunity. You can leverage India’s attractive labour cost for your business as a strategic and competitive advantage and win silently back home in your homemarket. No one needs to know your trade secret.  This can be accomplished either through a vendor, JV partner or setting up your own local facility.


India’s travel and tourism industry have vast growth potential and is one of the focus points of PM Modi. According to a recent study on India’s travel and tourism industry with the arrival of the E visum scheme, the international traveler’s inflow to India is expected to double. 


Economic progress goes hand in hand with upgrades in infrastructure. Highways, railways, bridges, seaports, power plants and refineries will need hundreds of billions of dollars of upgrades. If you sell to these companies or if this is your arena you need to be in India.    

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