Why India?

Our 4 reasons why India is THE most promising market for your product, services, investment and capital spending.

1)   India has the best demographics of any major country in the world.

While in Europe and USA demographics are turning negative, India’s demographics are excellent and promise loads of consumer, industry and government spending-buying power long into the foreseable future. It is a $3.0 trillion economy with a GDP growing at around 7% and half its 1.4 billion population is under 25 years with their best spending years ahead of them. Mckinsey Global institute has forecast that by the year 2025, 41 percent of indians will be middle class, making it a population of 581 million individuals. 

2)    India’s still low urbanization rate offers great potential.

Urbanization is the safest money making trend out there. When people migrate from rural areas to urban areas, their incomes tend to triple. Urbanization and the specialization of labor that comes with it, is a major drivier of rising affluence as GDP per capita rises in linear relationship with urbanization. India’s urbanization rate at 33% is still low and offers great potential for GDP/per capita growth, currently European countries hoover at around 80%.  

3)    India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is pro-capital formation and pro-business.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have found the right balance between unleashing India’s potential while preserving its tradition and building on its core strengths.  It’s 5T’s focus talent; through female empowerment, tradition, tourism, trade and technology aims to build up India’s brand and turn it into a global manufacturing hub. His latest move in freeing up the colossal farming markets and reducing burdensome regulations is another bold step forward and demonstrates his willingness to pursue pro-growth policies.  

4)    India’s has global potential to win in high-value added sectors.

Unlike some other countries with great demographics India, due to its intellectual brain capital has real global potential to win in high-value added sectors like software, technology and media. These high-value added sectors historically are real drivers in wealth building of a nation.